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AS9100D certification logo International Traffic in Arms Regulations's logo

Tubing & Pipe Laser Cutting Services

Do you need to precisely cut some tubes?

Our TRUMPF Trulaser Tube 3000 fiber allows us to use the RapidCut technology to increase the speed of cutting for thin materials. But you're wondering about thicker materials? We've got you covered and not just that, we're totally prepared for Industry 4.0 due to the Central Link interface.

From prototypes to large production batches, from design to finished product, just ask what you need, we're here to help in everything.

The technical aspects

Main characteristics
Feature Detail
Max diameter 6 in
Bevel cuts Up to 45 deg
Wall thickness 0.3 in for mild steel
Profiles Round, oval, rectangle, square, open-shapes (angle, channel)
Materials Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Brass, Copper
Max workpiece weight 18.5 Kg/m

2D & 3D Engineering

From sketching to the real product

We don't do CAD only. We do everything related to problem-solving for your engineering projects. Yes, the whole process: from the idea to the produced real and functional product.

We follow a strict thinking process to define the problem, brainstorm the possible solutions, explore the possibilities, establish the requirements and constraints, develop a design, make a prototype, test it and evaluate its benefits and drawbacks, refine the proposed solution and manufacture it; all of this process accompanied by high-quality standards.

What makes us great

Feature Description
Licensed Software The software we are licensed to use makes us as efficient as your project needs.
High-quality Processes Our background in the aerospace/defense industry is an advantage to understand how quality impacts projects.
Knowledge This is our main skill, of course we need to know how to do things, how to design and achieve the requirements of your projects.

CMM & Quality Inspection

Quality in our veins

We know how frustrating a bad product could be, so we always keep in mind what would make us happy to make you feel the same way.

Taking care of our process makes us achieve great products at the right time. Our experience delivering products and services for the aerospace/defense industry makes us stand out from our competitors.

All about precision

Feature Details
Certifications AS9100 and AS9110 certify that we're good at manufacturing things and taking care of the process.
Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm All the process is carefully cared by the precision of the excellent products we own.
Quality Control Our knowledge of manufacturing processes is the foundation of a good Quality Management System. We don't talk about quality, we are quality.
TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber CNC laser cutting machine inside the L1's facility